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Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard Boxes


You can always find a use for a cardboard box. No matter what you need it for: whether you just want to be more organized at work or you are packing up and moving home, a cardboard box is always the answer!


Cardboard boxes come in every shape and size. Smaller sized cardboard boxes are often made from single-walled rigid corrugated board; however for extra strength and durability, larger cardboard boxes use double-walled corrugated board, the extra rigidity ensuring the safety of your possessions against impacts whilst in transit.


Depending on your requirements, cardboard boxes are available with additional features such as hand holes for easy carrying, lift-off lids for easy access, and locking tabs for secure closure to name but a few. Also look out for cardboard boxes that are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable themselves.


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