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Packing Tips

We've put together some useful packing tips to make your life easier when moving house:


1. How many boxes do I need? The important thing is to get your packing underway, and you'll soon find out how many boxes you might need. If you're not sure where to start, then why not try one of our Moving Packs - they contain a combination of different box sizes and will save you some money at the same time! If you like a particular box size in the pack, then it can be purchased separately as well, enabling you to top up as you progress with your packing.


2. Moving house is an ideal opportunity to declutter, recycle, reorganize... and rediscover some forgotten memories too!


3. Why not take unwanted items to a charity shop, sell them online, have a car boot sale, or deposit them in recycle bins for collection? Your local council may also take away unwanted large items; just give them a call to find out.


4. Return any borrowed items such as library books and DVDs, and ask for the return of any items that you've loaned out to friends.


5. Make sure you use the right type of boxes and packaging materials when packing. Your possessions are valuable, so use the best quality boxes to protect them from damage when moving... it will be worth it in the end!


6. Start packing those items you will need the least or don't expect to use before your planned moving date, and tackle one room at a time.


7. Use protective packaging materials such as Bubble Wrap and Tissue Paper when wrapping up and packing fragile or valuable items, and fill any empty spaces with crushed up Kraft Paper or Loosefill to ensure that packed items are firmly held inside the boxes.


8. Don't be tempted to fill every box to its full capacity, especially with heavy items; someone will have to carry it, even if it's not you. Please make sure that boxes are properly taped - even the strongest box will not hold together if it is not taped up adequately, especially from the bottom. The tape should be taut but not overstretched, and the two long box flaps should meet tightly in the middle and be firmly held down when taping over the edges.


9. Don't forget to write the contents of each box on the outside and/or use Room Identification Labels, so you'll know where everything is and where it should go when you arrive in your new home.


10. Put aside one box for all your essential items, which you'll need up until the last day of your packing as well as on the first day of your unpacking, and try to keep it with you. For example: safety cutter, scissors, basic tools, refuse bags, bulbs, tape measure, torch, packing gloves... and don't forget the kettle and cups, tea/ coffee, and some snacks. You may also want to consider keeping some surface cleaning products and toiletries with you separately, including toilet paper and soap.


Good luck with your house move!

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